Dragon - The Inspiration For Dragon Pop-up Cards

Dragons are great living creatures having four legs, horns along with fire breath. They are amazing and fancy features that are used to design dragon pop-up cards surprising anyone opens the cards.

Dragons are legendary creatures appearing in the folklore from many countries in the world. Their appearance is varied depending on regions and cultures. Western dragons are winged, horned, four-legged and having the ability to breathe fire, eastern dragons are wingless, four-legged with the abilities to manipulate natural elements.

The very first dragons were described as giant snakes in the legends of the ancient Near East in art and literature.

Then the nowaday's image of western dragons with wings, horns, four legs, and fire-breathing is created in the High Middle Age, which is a conflation of dragons from different countries.

In western cultures, dragons are considered as the disastrous monsters which will be defeated by culture saints and heroes. They are said to be piggish and to live in caves with their treasures.

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