discount Manual Chuck Series

ModelMaterialProduct nameForce powerSize
PA-12001MNippon Stainless SteelManual Chuck D100(Quick Chuck 100P)10000Nφ100x49.5mm
Application gallery:
Q1: How many models do you have for PLUS AUTO manual chuck D100
A2: there is two model, Manual chuck D100-Regular and Manual chuck D100-INOX(complete rust-proof).
Q2: what is the different between the two model?
A2: Manual chuck D100-Regular has normal level of rust-proof which suitable to use in oil condition like lathe, CNC, Sink EDM, CMM and so on. Manual chuck D100-INOX price will be slightly higher but it has been upgraded to fully rust-proof and also able to use in wire-cut EDM machine. discount Manual Chuck Series

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